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Many high cholesterol patients get frustrated and upset because they do everything "right" … follow their doctor's recommendations to a "T" … and yet still still don't see any results. (Many see their cholesterol levels go UP instead of DOWN.)

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What Are Other People Saying About Colin Carmichael?

My wife’s cholesterol was climbing and going out of control last year. She followed a strict diet, but that did not help. I had read your information on the web and suggested that she try it before going on statin drugs. Well, after just 6 weeks, she had her cholesterol checked. To our surprise, it was down to 195 in just six weeks.

I am telling EVERYONE I know about it.

Thank You,

Don C.
Farmington, New Mexico

I am so excited! I just needed to let you know that I had my first blood screening … Only 2 1/2 months, my cholesterol level dropped an amazing 97 points (from 300 to 203)! My LDL also dropped 86 points! I haven't started an exercise regimen, but plan to. My doctor was also amazed and said that he had never seen that kind of drop in cholesterol levels in anyone and in such a short amount of time.

I am so grateful to you…

Rita Ceritano
Malvern, PA

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Colin Carmichael

'Cholesterol Guy', Colin Carmichael

Like you, Colin Carmichael was once overwhelmed and confused by all the advice out there on lowering cholesterol.

How in the world did his wife Christie get out-of-control cholesterol levels when she was following all the low-fat, low-cholesterol diet advice religiously?

And more importantly … why was Colin's cholesterol close to ideal when his diet was about 75% similar to hers?

Was it genetics?

Or was the 25% difference in their diet more significant than everyone first thought?

Diligent, pain-staking research uncovered surprising answers.

What did Colin find out?

Far too much of the traditional cholesterol advice is causing more harm than good.

If you agree that making subtle taste-bud-friendly changes is a better choice than taking unnecessary drugs, then you'll want to save yourself a lot of aggravation and see what Colin discovered.

You'll find, like countless others, that Colin's natural approach to vibrant health and heart-healthy cholesterol is extremely effective.

Fun and fast too.

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