Almonds and Cholesterol: Know the Facts Before You Start Snacking on This Nut

by Colin Carmichael

Almonds and Cholesterol

Are all almonds good for cholesterol?

Search the internet and you’ll find a lot of information on almonds and cholesterol.

You'll see how almonds are a good food for lowering cholesterol.

So we’ve got people who read one of these articles … run out to the local grocery store … buy a big bag of almonds … return home, turn on the tube and start munching away.

And then a few weeks later they find out their cholesterol actually went UP, not down.

What went wrong? Why didn’t the almond eating work?

Could eating more almonds have caused the increase in cholesterol?

In a word, yes.

But … the advice wasn’t wrong necessarily. It was just incomplete.

You see almonds are a wonderfully healthy food and DO help lower cholesterol.

The catch is that almonds only lower cholesterol in their natural state … ie, raw.

If you’re snacking on roasted almonds hoping for a cholesterol miracle, well, it just isn’t going to happen.

Stick to raw and unsalted (salted with sea salt is okay) and you’ll be fine.

But you always want to stay away from heated oils … and roasted nuts falls into that category.

An ideal use of almonds is as a replacement to a not-so-healthy food. A couple examples would be to add raw, slivered almonds to your salad instead of croutons or munch on a few almonds instead of greasy chips to go along with a sandwich.

You can always kick up your bowl of oatmeal in the morning by adding some almonds. In fact, oatmeal helps with cholesterol as well and that would make for a good healthy start to your day.

Just be sure you're adding in the right kind of almonds for cholesterol in that bowl of oatmeal, okay?

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