Another Olympic Commercial: Inspiring or Exploitive?

by Colin Carmichael

Yesterday, I mocked a Kellogg's commercial that aired during the London Olympics.

Today, let's take a look at a Nike ad that's getting a lot of attention.

The Nike "Find Your Greatness" ad urges us to stop thinking that greatness is only for the superstars and select few. But rather, something that's in all of us.

The ad narrator proclaims…

"Greatness is not some rare DNA strand. It's not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We're all capable of it."

The ad features Nathan Sorrell of London, Ohio. Nathan is only 12 years old and already weighs 200 pounds.

While most viewers seem inspired by the ad, others are put off and believe the ad is exploiting Nathan's weight.

Personally, the ad gave me chills when I first saw it.

The good kind of chills.

The kind of chills that made me want to get my sorry butt off the couch and start doing something … anything!

It's so easy to watch the Olympics and be in awe of the athleticism and dedication that superstars like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt possess.

It's so easy to sit in our living rooms and look at Gold Medal athletes as being somehow different or superior to us.

And obviously, in some ways … they are a very different breed.

But the idea that we all contain greatness … if we choose to dig deep and reach for it … that's a message I can get behind.

Nice job Nike. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

And Nathan … I wish you nothing but success my friend.

In case you missed it, below is a nice interview with Nathan that aired on ABC news…



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