British Expert Says Take a Statin If You're Over 50

by Colin Carmichael

British heart expert Professor Sir Roy Collins has suggested that everyone over 50 take a cholesterol-lowering statin drug.

Lipitor 40 mg

Should you take a statin once you hit 50? (Photo courtesy of Panthro at en.wikipedia)

Needless to say that suggestion has dropped some jaws and created quite a stir among health experts, practitioners, and patients.

Honestly, when I first saw this … I hoped or wanted to believe, that it was a joke.

I mean, this comes at a time when even some of the strongest supporters of statins have done a 180 and been forced to rethink their position.

The FDA has even gone so far as to add extra warnings on the risk of memory loss and other cognitive issues associated with using statn drugs like Lipitor.

Sadly, Collins appears to be dead-serious.

Referring to statin drugs, here's what he said recently…

"There is an argument being made that if we start treatment earlier and continue for a longer time, then the benefits will be much greater." Sir Rory said during a keynote address at the European Cardiology Congress in Munich on Tuesday, according to the Daily Telegraph.

He adds…

"If you start at a younger age, then if you keep on with the treatment, you may get more benefit than if you wait. I think the age of about 50 is the age to start thinking about it."


This recommendation just seems like something out of Twilight Zone for me.

This is almost too bizarre and absurd to comment on.

But if you know me at all … you knew I just couldn't get this go without having a retort.

My first reaction was to remind you of all the reasons why this is ridiculous.

  • Why the stats we hear saying how statins dramatically reduce heart risk should not be trusted.
  • That the NNT (number needed to treat) stats for these drugs would shock you compared to the numbers they use in their marketing materials.
  • Remind you of all the deadly dangerous side effects that are all too common with using these drugs, let alone if you use them long-term which of course they hope you do.

If I went down that path, this article would turn into a Moby Dick length book.

Instead, I want to focus on just one little side effect that's widely known from taking a statin drug.

If this was the only side effect we knew about … if all the other side effects magically disappeared … this one alone is cause for serious concern.

As you probably already know, using statins will deplete your Coenzyme Q10 levels.

CoQ10 is a critically important nutrient when it comes to your heart health. Arguably, the most important heart nutrient.

Do yourself a favor and take the next five minutes and take a look at Dr. Peter Osborne's super clear and easy-to-understand explanation of how statins affect CoQ10, and how that negatively impacts your overall cardiovascular health.

Again, the list of side effects and reasons to avoid statin drugs is long. Real long.

If the depletion of CoQ10 were the only side effect … knowing what you now know after watching the above video…

Do you think taking a statin to lower your cholesterol is a safe, wise choice for your overall heart health?

I trust you already know my answer to that.

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