Cholesterol and Stress – Is Stressing Out Bad for Cholesterol?

by Colin Carmichael

Given any thought about the relationship between cholesterol and stress?

Let me ask you…

Are you worried and stressed out about your high cholesterol numbers?

Stress and Cholesterol

Stressed about your cholesterol?

Are you frustrated trying to stay on a low cholesterol diet?

Losing sleep over whether or not a heart attach is right around the corner?

It’s good to be concerned enough to do something about it.

Hopefully, you're changing your eating habits and lifestyle. More exercise helps cholesterol as well.

But is worrying about your cholesterol actually making your cholesterol problem worse? Or is that just another false health myth?

Simply put…

Stress gets the body out of balance.

And needless to say, your body doesn’t function as efficiently when it’s out of balance.

So adding more stress isn’t helping your body deal with high cholesterol in a positive way.

And yes, studies show that added stress will usually make your cholesterol problem worse.

Several studies have shown that even contrived stressful situations raise cholesterol levels right away … often within minutes of the event.

What do I mean by "contrived" stress?

Here are a couple examples…

Asking participants to do simple tasks, but to complete them with high accuracy in a very short period of time.

Another study asked the subjects to accurately say the word that was written (which was the name of a color), even though the word itself was typed in a different color.

So an example might be that the word RED was written in green. Or the word ORANGE was shown in purple. ( I hope I didn't stress you out there.)

As you can see, these events are just made-up stressful situations.

These really aren’t stressful at all compared to real-life anxiety such as parenting, dealing with a difficult boss, or struggling with a failing marriage.

And of course, depression is an extreme level of stress that can create a ripple effect of symptoms throughout the body.

They did discover something that should be encouraging to you.

They found that it’s not so much the amount of stress that leads to higher cholesterol and blood pressure.

Instead, it’s how you deal with stress that determines the effect it plays on your cholesterol levels and your overall health.

So the key is to get better at dealing with the stress that comes your way so that your body will stay in balance.

Proper breathing helps.

Any good stress management technique works well.

Take some time for yourself everyday to do something relaxing that you enjoy.

Just 5 minutes of an effective relaxation technique at the beginning and end of every day can make a world of difference for you.

It'll be good not just for your cholesterol management, but your overall heath to boot.

Give it a shot.

Don't let high cholesterol and stress increase your heart attack risk, okay?

So, how can we help you today?

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