Christie's Common Mistakes

Christie knew all about the dangers of high cholesterol. That's why she swapped out hamburgers with turkey burgers a long time ago.

She ate fish about once a week. Baked fish at that. Salmon several times a month.

Lots of chicken. Boy, did she eat a lot of chicken. Either baked or broiled. She very rarely had anything fried.

Many days she'd go without meat altogether.

Lots of salads with low-fat dressing. A good portion of her grocery cart was filled with low-fat, reduced-fat, or no-fat foods.

Gym membership? Check. (And she used it too.)

Sure, she'd tell you she wanted to lose about 8-10 pounds. (What women doesn't, right?) But she lost a few pounds and looked good.

Eggs? Very rarely. She knew about the dangers of eating too much cholesterol.

So when Christie had some routine blood work done, she didn't give a second thought about her cholesterol levels…

…until she got the results.

Her total cholesterol number? Way over 200. In the "danger zone". And her ratios were out-of-balance to boot.

Christie cried a lot of tears that day.

She said it was the first time she "felt old".

Her husband was frustrated. Confused. "How could this happen?", he thought. Especially when she had been so good with her diet. Much better than him. Even he'd tell you that.

You see, Christie's husband didn't always eat the fish she baked. He prefers red meat.

And while he does enjoy a good turkey burger, he doesn't eat a lot of salads.

And get this…

He ate more fat than Christie. A lot more fat. Not even close.

Oh, and here's the KICKER

His cholesterol numbers were sparkling. He was told his cholesterol levels were "close to perfect".

A genetics difference wasn't the culprit, since high cholesterol didn't run in her family and Christie's cholesterol was just fine only a few years earlier.

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How do I know all these details from Christie's story?

Well, Christie in the story is my best friend and adorable wife. The husband in the story … yep, that'd be me.

What did I do after Christie got the bad news? I started asking questions and doing research. Lots of research.

Want to know what I discovered?

First off, while mine and Christie ate a lot of the same foods … there were quite a few differences as well. And those differences made a huge impact.

Secondly, I learned pretty fast that a great deal of the typical cholesterol advice out there is nothing more than outdated theory. Honestly, I couldn't believe how much of the heart-healthy advice we hear everyday is a complete crock.

I don't think they're giving us bad advice on purpose. (At least I HOPE not!) But either way, it's still bad advice.

Actually, let me rephrase that.

Yes, some of it is flat-out bad advice. There's just no way to sugarcoat that fact.

But what I've discovered is that a good deal of the cholesterol-lowering advice out there today … especially on the internet (and yes, even some of the mega-popular health sites we all know about) … are simply offering up half-truths that are often causing more harm than good.

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If you've tried lowering cholesterol on your own through dietary changes … and haven't had any luck … then you've probably been a victim of several of these lies or half-truths.

These myths spread like wildfire on the internet because so much of what is written and posted online is simply regurgitated material from another site.

And if you continue to believe all the websites who won't give you all the details you need (because they did lazy or no real research on the subject) … well, be prepared to be disappointed when it doesn't work out like they claim.

Because it won't.

Want some more examples of the rhetoric that is causing confusion and practically forcing you into failing?

Ask yourself the following questions. Do these make sense to you or not?…

How can one person snack on nuts to lower their cholesterol, while another person eats nuts and sees no results at all … or even a slight increase in cholesterol levels?

How does one person have better results eating 100% beef hamburgers compared to someone else who eats turkey burgers?

How can one person drink chocolate shakes to boost HDL and improve their ratios overall cholesterol profile, while another person drinks chocolate shakes and raises LDL, which worsens their ratios?

How can a whole wheat bagel with fresh organic orange juice be worse for one person than bacon and eggs with coffee for someone else?

And how in the world can one person reduce their fat intake by 1/3 to 1/2 and have more harmful cholesterol levels, while another person raises their fat intake and sees improved cholesterol numbers across the board?

And no, the real life answer to these questions has nothing … repeat nothing to do with winning or losing the "genetics lottery".

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Confused yet? Welcome to the world of chaos when we start believing and acting on a pile of drivel based on nothing more than half-baked theories that have no foundation in real nutritional science.


You are likely doomed to fail from the start … even if you try as hard as you can … because you simply haven't been given the right set of instructions.

Until now.

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What may help you out the most is simply avoiding so many of the most common mistakes … maybe the same exact ones made by Christie.

I see the same type of comments in my inbox all the time. And just the other day came this…

"Colin, thank you for making me aware of foods that I thought were safe and healthy to eat and actually are NOT. It's made a world of difference!"

If you're a little stubborn about making any changes with your diet, well … I wish I could change your mind. But I get it.

However, you might be surprised to discover this plan doesn't require you to "muster up" a ton of discipline.

Now, don't get me wrong here. It will require some change on your part. But the plan has…

  • No kid-sized portions to deal with…
  • No calorie or carb counting…
  • No strict meal plans…
  • No "cleansing" regimens…
  • No gimmicks of any kind!

Most people are able to re-introduce some of their favorite foods back into their diet … foods previously thought as "forbidden" … and still get impressive doctor-pleasing results.

Check it out and let me know how well it works for you. I'd love to hear from you.

All the best…
Colin Carmichael

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