Cinnamon and Cholesterol – Will Cinnamon Help Your Heart?

by Colin Carmichael

If you enjoy the taste of cinnamon and have high cholesterol…

Cinnamon and Cholesterol

Is cinnamon good for cholesterol?

I’d like to encourage you to freely sprinkle it on some of your favorite low cholesterol foods like oatmeal or a healthy breakfast cereal. Or really, any other food that is complimentary to the taste of cinnamon.

But is cinnamon really going to put a dent in your cholesterol numbers?

You should know that your body needs cinnamon in pretty high doses before you'll see any noticeable improvement in your cholesterol levels.

So don’t expect any miracles, okay?

Studies have shown that you can receive cholesterol benefits with cinnamon but only at doses of around 1-2 teaspoons a day.

That’s quite a bit of sprinkling every day, don't you think?

Sure, you can supplement with cinnamon extract capsules or pills.

But the results from even a high dose of cinnamon will never compare to using low doses of a wide variety of effective cholesterol-lowering ingredients. (And probably not even as good as eating almonds for cholesterol.)

You know better than to do this, right?…

Of course, using a cinnamon and sugar combination is not a good idea.


Simple. The sugar will more than offset any good the cinnamon does.

So no … don't shove a cinnamon bun down your gullet and tell your spouse it's a sacrifice you're making for your arteries.

Not. Gonna. Work.

Bottom line?…

Don’t get too carried away thinking cinnamon is going to cure your cholesterol problems. It's been a little over-hyped and overrated when it comes to cholesterol reduction.

Yes, cinnamon is a good, healthy spice.

I do encourage you to add it freely to recipes and sprinkle it liberally on foods it compliments.

But I recommend it mainly for it's ability to regulate blood sugar levels which helps so much with diabetes.

Remember that the effect on cinnamon for cholesterol will be minimal. So think of that as just an added bonus.

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