Common Cholesterol Problems

Here are some of the most common cholesterol problems you may be facing.

Trying to maintain a healthy low cholesterol diet is one of the biggest frustrations I hear from clients and family members.

Let's face it, the average food and meals being consumed today  … at least here in the United States … is based a lot more on taste and even convenience than anything else.

Wouldn't it be great if we made our food choices based on the foods that would make us feel better and get healthier?

It's just so easy, convenient and a genuine time-saver to pick up dinner at the drive-thru window even if it happens to be foods that are high in cholesterol.

Many of us justify the decision by telling ourselves, "we'll eat healthier tomorrow when I have more time".

And then what happens?

Tomorrow is just as busy as today, right?

We often do the same thing when it comes to exercise.

We know that regular exercise helps lower cholesterol, but somehow it just isn't as important as putting out the "fires" of the day. How much healthier would we be if we just took ten minutes … 10 MINUTES … to do something that got our bodies up and moving around?

Did you know that 10 minutes almost never is just 10 minutes? It almost always turns into more! (Use that little psychological trick to your advantage.)

One of the problems is that we set these idealistic goals. We set goals like "I want to work out an hour every day."

Hey, that's a great goal. It really is.

But here's the problem with that for some people…

You feel obligated to do a full hour. If you don't have an hour to spend you end up doing nothing. (Not good.)

That's where the "10-minute trick" comes in handy.

So we set a goal of an hour and end up doing nothing. Then what?…

We feel guilty and get stressed that we're not doing enough. And oh yeah, stress negatively affects cholesterol levels almost as much as bad foods!

And speaking of "bad foods", that in itself can be another source of stress … i.e., figuring out exactly which foods are bad and which ones aren't.

I'm referring to things like the butter vs. margarine controversy. The dairy farmers tell you one thing. And the margarine producers tell you an entirely different story. Both have strong vested interests of course.

And then the confusion rises another notch or two as you learn that it's critically important to pay attention to raising your HDL cholesterol levels.

It's been pounded in our heads to lower cholesterol and now you find out there's a good and bad and the good really does need to be elevated.

Stick with us here at and let us help you separate fact from fiction … truth from myth … so that you can have piece of mind and get the results you deserve.

Then maybe these common cholesterol problems will be someone elses problem and not yours.

So, how can we help you today?

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