Dark Chocolate for Cholesterol?

by Colin Carmichael

I just saw a new article that lists 6 foods to lower cholesterol.


Should you be eating more dark chocolate?

One of them is chocolate … dark chocolate to be exact.

First, let me admit 2 things.

1) I love helping people lower cholesterol.

If you have a job where you get to help people and really make a difference in people's lives, you know what a good feeling it is.

2) I love chocolate.

Let me be very clear on this … I LOVE chocolate!

So it would be a "match made in heaven" for me to scream from the rooftops that eating more dark chocolate would solve a lot of your cholesterol problems.

But I just don't think that's a wise move.

To me, it's heading down a slippery slope.

If you're a client I've helped get fast results, you agree with me that one of the easiest ways to lower cholesterol (or for better health in general) is to make small-to-medium "upgrades" or improvements in your daily eating.

I say small-to-medium changes because that's where you want to start.

You want to make changes you can STICK TO long-term.

It's when we go from one extreme to another – i.e., make radical changes – that's when we get frustrated and quit. (And feel like a failure for doing so.)

So if you don't eat chocolate or don't care for it (I'm told these people exist), then I don't recommend going out and stocking up on dark chocolate.

I've never heard of anyone who added more dark chocolate … did nothing else … and saw good results.

I'm not saying that proves anything … I'm not saying dark chocolate doesn't have some benefits.

You might be surprised to learn that dark chocolate and raw cocoa both have health benefits.

But both forms of chocolate are fairly bitter in that state and not enticing to most taste buds. Do you think sweetening it up is still going to give you all the benefits?

That's like saying an apple pie must be healthy because it has apples and apples are healthy.

Doesn't work like that for apples and apple pie … doesn't work that way for chocolate either.

So let's say you are a chocoholic, then what?

Well, how 'bout this?

What if you cut back on your chocolate by 50%? (Maybe that means eating 1/2 a bar of chocolate instead of a whole one.)

Right there is one of those "improvements" I talked about.

Now, replace that 50% of "regular chocolate" with  high-quality dark chocolate from your local health food store.


You just made another "improvement".

"Crunch Cholesterol" includes my favorite "healthy chocolate" products that I enjoy, as well as all other kinds of improvements you can make that will have you lowering cholesterol faster than you can say "Chocolate is yummy."

Okay, not literally that fast, but you get the point, right?  ;-)

So, how can we help you today?

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