Does Cholesterol Help Fight Cancer?

by Colin Carmichael

Some new, positive research on cholesterol shocked a lot of people recently.

Turns out there may be some cancer-fighting goodness in cholesterol.

While this news stunned many … it isn't all that surprising to me.

You see, the "get your cholesterol as low as you can" game isn't a recipe for vibrant health. Never has been. Never will be.

As I've said for years, you want a balanced cholesterol profile more than you want super low total cholesterol – if you want to help protect against the dangerous artery plaque that increases your risk of heart disease.

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But there is an aspect to this new research on cholesterol and cancer that 'scares' me. And that's this…

What will the average person think if they just glance at the headline of one of these articles coming out on this research?

Will they get the (wrong) idea that they don't need to do anything to balance or regulate their cholesterol levels?

And then you have careless members of the media who may even contribute to a dangerous view on what this research is really indicating.

Case in point…

One member of the media started off her story by posing this question…

Could it be that the cookie you've been craving may not be all that bad for you?

That's so far from what the research is all about that it's not even close to being relevant.

What's even more troubling is that nowhere in the rest of the piece did she attempt to correct the notion that "cookies may not be all that bad for you".

I'm sure there are already hundreds, if not thousands, who glanced at her article and walked away thinking…

"Eating a cookie may help me fight cancer."


Bottom line: Please don't ever listen to the media for advice about your health.

Far too many times have I seen a member of the media take a piece of research out-of-context … or in this case … make a completely false assumption based on the reported research.

Yes, I believe there is something to the fact that cholesterol may help fight cancer.

But keep in mind that you want a balanced cholesterol profile with high levels of protective HDL and low levels of oxidized LDL if you want to reap any health benefits like cancer-fighting … and protect against dangerous plaque build-up in your arteries.

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