Facts You Need to See on Poo and Pee?

by Colin Carmichael

Ever look into your toilet bowl and wonder if what you're looking at means anything?

C'mon. We've all thought these things, right?

"Hmm, it looks so different today from yesterday. But WHY?"

It probably won't surprise you to hear that you can learn quite a bit about your health by taking a closer look at what your body is excreting.

Specifically, you can learn more about the health of your digestive system.

It was Hippocrates that said “all disease begins in the gut.”

If your digestive system is working properly … you'll have more energy, less disease and ailments, and just feel better.

What does a poorly functioning digestive system mean?

Trouble my friend. Big trouble.

Problems in the ole gut mean you're either already feeling bad or diseased … or heading directly down that path.

That's why all the tips you'll get from me on how to lower cholesterol are not just about helping you get better numbers on your next lipid profile.

Every tips is heart-friendly, liver-friendly, and good for the health of your digestive system as well.

That's why so many people report seeing unexpected benefits with things like diabetes, sex drive, and energy levels once they take care of their cholesterol problem the right way … the natural way.

You see, you're actually taking care of a whole lot more than just your cholesterol. (Pretty cool, huh?)


Without further adieu, here's a neat graphic from my friend Kimberly Snyder that should help answer a lot of your curiosity when it comes to interpreting your toilet bowl 'deposits'…

What is your poop and pee telling you
Source:What Your Poop and Pee Mean

I do want to point out one thing here…

I wouldn't necessarily get worked up over a change in your excrement as long as it's temporary.

But if you see something abnormal and it stays that way … it's probably a good idea to get in touch with your doctor pretty quick.

Again, the health of your digestive system isn't something to mess around with or take lightly.


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