Is This the #1 Greatest Health Remedy of All-Time?

by Colin Carmichael

Ever notice how sometimes we tend to make things more difficult than we need to?

I find this is especially true when it comes to our health.

If someone discovers a new "food of the gods" found deep in some far-away tropical jungle believed to help the local tribe members live to be 120 years old with practically zero health problems – that product will fly off the shelves! (Even though it has little-to-nothing to do with the locals longevity.)

Meanwhile, we tend to dismiss and shrug off some of the tried and true techniques because … well … they're just not new and sexy enough.

One of the oldest, yet most effective health tips you'll ever come across is…


Aw, c'mon now. Don't roll your eyes.

And don't start watching infomercials on what new piece of equipment is going to make all your exercise dreams come true. (What would garage sales be like today without old, rarely used pieces of exercise equipment?)

As I've told clients and subscribers for years, don't think of it as "I need to get more exercise" … but rather … "I need to be more active."

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Being more active doesn't require a new piece of equipment that folds conveniently under your bed.

Being more active doesn't necessarily mean signing up for a gym membership.

It just means get up and start moving!

That may be something as simple as a daily walk. Maybe it's something more productive like yard work.

Or you can make it fun and carefree like dancing.

But by golly … get up and do something, okay?

Want a New, Sexy Reason to Be More Active?

A new Swedish study looked at people with a sedentary lifestyle and monitored their improvements once they became more active.

Turns out that using your muscles activates and turns on certain genes that help support a wide variety of benefits along with it.

You see, each one of us has a genetic code that frankly … it is what it is. Nothing we can do to change it.

But it turns out that we can activate certain genes and kick-start better, more vibrant health.

Think of it like this:

Some genes are turned "Off" and are not actively helping your health. But becoming more active can literally activate or turn ON these genes.

The result? Great health benefits like:

  • Increased fat-burning
  • Boost in immunity and disease prevention
  • More energy (both physical and mental)

Of course, the bad news is that the opposite is true as well.

The less active you are … the more genes that are turned off … and therefore, the higher your risk for disease and other health ailments.

Ladies, take special notice of this.

I say that because, on average, women get 40% less physical activity than men which puts women at a much higher risk for metabolic syndrome.

So yeah … the advice is old news. It may sound boring and bland. But good ole exercise works like nothing else. Always has. Always will.

So, how can we help you today?

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