Low HDL Levels – What is a Good HDL Cholesterol Number?

by Colin Carmichael

Many are surprised to learn that low HDL levels are a warning sign of poor health.

But is more of the "good" HDL cholesterol really better for you?

Or can too much good HDL cholesterol still be a bad thing like the LDL counterpart?

The whole notion of "good cholesterol" sounds counter-intuitive and confuses a lot of people.

After all, we constantly hear about the dangers of cholesterol so much that we start to believe any and all cholesterol is inherently bad.

There may be a point of diminishing returns somewhere, but generally speaking the more the merrier when it comes to HDL.

Besides, the average person struggles to get their HDL into the healthy range, let alone soar way above it.

So if going too high with your HDL number concerns you, then get that out of your head right now.

So what are the target numbers for HDL?

For HDL, anything below 40mg/dl is considered unhealthy and is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular heart disease.

40-60mg is thought to be average or okay. So in that 40-60 range you’re not thought to be at more risk for a heart attack or stroke … but you're not in a reduced risk category either.

But getting above 60 mg HDL has been shown to actually protect you against heart disease.

When it comes to your cholesterol health, many now believe that the two most meaningful numbers are…

So please don't focus all your attention on your Total Cholesterol and LDL numbers.

Avoid low HDL levels by following proven natural cholesterol advice and you'll decrease your risk of heart attack substantially.

So, how can we help you today?

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