High Cholesterol Drugs for Children?

by Colin Carmichael

I feel sick to my stomach today over a story I heard recently.

You see, the American Academy of Pediatrics is actually suggesting that children as young as 2 years old (yes, twenty four months!) be tested for high cholesterol.

And get this…

They suggest cholesterol-lowering meds be considered for kids as young as 8.

Now you know why I feel sick to my stomach.

Nearly every single day I get an email from someone telling me of the terrible side-effects and discomfort they they (or a loved one) went through while on cholesterol drugs.

Many have sworn to their doctors that they'd never take another cholesterol drug even though their doctor keeps trying to "push" it on them.

(These same people are usually the ones that turn into my biggest fans once they get results after using my advice.)

But it breaks my heart to think that the medical community is now going to inflict statin drug usage on *children*.

These kids will be fighting an uphill battle from as young as 8 years old?!

When an 8 year old starts to get muscle soreness from these drugs, will the parents know it's from the drugs because their doctor has adequately informed them of the risks?

Or will the parents think that Jimmy must have taken a tumble and that's the cause for the soreness and pain?

I pray that this doesn't actually happen … that doctors won't start over-prescribing these worthless, deadly drugs to kids as well as adults.

I have a lot more to say (ie, rant) on this topic, but I'll share that for another day.

- Colin

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