High Cholesterol Foods – Is Your Cholesterol Diet Working?

by Colin Carmichael

High Cholesterol Foods

High Cholesterol Foods

Trying to avoid high cholesterol foods?

Here’s a scenario that will play out thousands of times this week alone…

A patient will test high in cholesterol for the first time and be told to implement a low cholesterol diet and lifestyle changes.

Part of that advice is always to avoid any and all foods that naturally contain high amounts of cholesterol.

We’ve been told since birth how the high cholesterol in eggs is a big no-no. And although not quite as commonly talked about, seafood lovers know that lobster is high in cholesterol as well.

It’s just common sense that we need to stay away from these cholesterol-rich foods that are so harmful to our arteries and heart health.

Here’s the thing about that “common sense”…

It’s all a big lie.

Here’s a scientific fact…

Foods naturally high in cholesterol like shrimp and lobsterincluding eggs … have NEVER been shown to increase blood cholesterol levels.

You see, it’s not about whether a food is high in cholesterol.

As weird as this may sound … that’s completely irrelevant.

The only thing that matter is this:

Does the digestion of that food cause more cholesterol – specifically more bad LDL cholesterol – to form in your bloodstream?

And the truth is that the high cholesterol levels in shrimp and eggs do not cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels. (See these natural cholesterol secrets to learn all you need to know.)

But here’s something to keep in mind…

You can still raise your cholesterol by eating eggs or shrimp depending on if you cook or eat them with butter or margarine. The difference on your arteries is significant.

In summary, eating high cholesterol foods may or may not be clogging up your arteries. But you definitely need to stay away from foods that cause cholesterol to form in your arteries.

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