How Much Niacin to Take to Lower Cholesterol?

by Colin Carmichael

"Colin, my husband has been taking niacin for quite a while now. Our doctor suggested it. It's cheap enough, but doesn't seem to be doing very much. How long does it take for niacin to work? Or maybe the better question is, how much should he take?" – Doris

Doris, thanks for writing in. This is a really good question.

Niacin is becoming more and more 'trendy' (for lack of a better word) as an alternative to the cholesterol drugs.

And I've had a lot of clients and visitors at the site ask me about niacin … wondering why I don't recommend it like their doctor does.

Obviously, price isn't a problem here. Niacin is plenty cheap and affordable to practically everyone.

The problem is that you need fairly high doses of niacin before it has any effect on helping reduce cholesterol levels.

And almost any nutrient or vitamin … even super 'healthy' ones like Vitamin C … are known to create some problem if taken in too high a dosage.

That's the 'Cliff Notes' answer.

For a more detailed response so you can properly evaluate the risks yourself, check out this article on niacin side effects.

– Colin

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Linda-rd July 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Yeah, niacin is pretty cheap and with the side effects mentioned, i think i’ll go with the conventional or maybe natural method of fighting cholesterol. Thank for your post btw.

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