How to Lower Cholesterol Without Medication – Lower LDL With No Drugs?

Would you like to know how to lower cholesterol without medication?

If you've already tried dietary and lifestyle changes to control your blood cholesterol levels, maybe you're wondering if that's even possible.

I can understand that mindset, since many (most?) doctors today don't even believe that lowering cholesterol naturally is a viable option for most people.

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate this:

A few years back, my dad visited the doctor and was told he had elevated cholesterol. The doctor told him he needed to get on a drug right away. He whipped out his pad and scribbled out a prescription.

As he's writing, my dad says: "I'd like to try to lower it myself first before taking a drug."

Doctor replied back along the lines of:

"Oh, making diet changes doesn't work. Eventually, you'll need to take this medication."

And before you ask – No, the doctor didn't give him any information about all the risks and side effects that come with the statin drug he was prescribing.

When dad came home and told me that story, I nearly blew a fuse.

Does dad's doctor really think that the foods we eat don't play a part in our cholesterol numbers?

After giving it some more thought, I calmed down a bit.

I realized the doctor's view was probably jaded because of what he sees from his patients on a daily basis.

It's just so common for folks to think they're doing better on their diet than they really are. This is true whether it's about changing diet to reduce cholesterol or trying to lose weight.

I know. I've been there and gone through this myself.

Tip: If you want to avoid this phenomenon, keep a written log of everything you eat or drink on a daily basis. Check this log at the end of every day. And then again weekly. It's usually a real eye-opener.

3 Natural Tips to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs

1) Get more exercise

You've heard it a million times and I'll say it again here.

Your body craves exercise.

It doesn't have to be from a killer workout program that you see on a late-night infomercial. It can be playing frisbee in the backyard, walking 18 holes of gold, or puttering around in the garden.

Get up. Get moving. Get that blood pumping. Got it?

2) Take high-quality natural supplements

If you want to lower cholesterol fast and still do it naturally, then you may need to use supplements to help.

I will caution you that not all that claim to work really do. So do your due diligence and be sure to get only products with top quality extract ingredients for best results.

3) Follow a good low cholesterol diet plan

Notice a said follow a GOOD plan. I say that because unfortunately, so many of the dieting tips out there are misleading you.

If you've eliminated eggs and gone on a low-fat diet and still had your numbers increase instead of go down … you know exactly what I mean here.

Just to clarify: The tips above will help lower your bad LDL cholesterol. Following this advice will not reduce your good HDL. It may raise your HDL, which is exactly what you want!

You might be thinking, "I never had to do all these things before."

That's probably true. But as we age, our body takes on a cumulative effect of all the years of neglect – sometimes downright abuse – that we do to it.

That's why it's important to make as many lifestyle changes as you can – as soon as possible – and keep them for the rest of your life.

That way, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and have a longer, healthier life!

If you want to avoid the long list of side effects and complications from statins … it's suggested you start implementing these ways how to lower cholesterol without medication.

So, how can we help you today?

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