How to Raise HDL – Top 3 Tips to Increase HDL Cholesterol

by Colin Carmichael

Looking for some practical tips on how to raise hdl cholesterol naturally, without medication?

HDL has long been hailed as the “good guy” in the cholesterol game your arteries are playing and you probably already know that you want a higher HDL number and an improved HDL to LDL ratio.

So now the biggest question to answer is:

Just how do you go about raising your HDL cholesterol numbers anyway?

This is quickly becoming THE cholesterol question as more and more people are eating special diet after special diet while seeing little if any improvement in their HDL number.

Well, you should start with “The Big Three” when it comes to raising your HDL levels…

1. Stop Smoking

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone with low HDL.

But smoking is horrible on HDL levels and stopping this nasty habit will put a quick boost in your HDL numbers.

Do you live with a smoker? Get them to stop!

2. Exercise

Not much of a surprise here, huh?

Good ole exercise is great for a lot of things that ail you!

Here’s a key tip for you on this one:

The absolute best time to exercise for improved HDL is right before you eat.

Of course, exercising any time of the day is good and should be done. But right before a meal will provide you with the best results.

Also, the more times you raise your heart rate, the better. So three 20-minute 'workouts' is much better than one 60-minute workout.

This may sound insignificant, but it's not. This one tip can greatly improve your health!

3. Reduce Refined Carbohydrates

This doesn’t just include sugary sweets, but foods like flour, white rice, etc.

Any food that causes your blood sugar to spike will lower your HDL.

So focus on complex, not simple, carbohydrates.

Other Factors?…

Not always … but sometimes … simply losing weight has been known to give a boost to HDL levels.

Another factor to consider is eating foods to raise HDL.

Which foods?

Try eating foods with high levels of omega 3's. Also anything with soluble fiber can help.

And be sure to stay away from anything that has trans fats.

And finally…

Improving HDL is important, but don't forget about the LDL side as well.

You see, taking care of cholesterol from both sides of the HDL and LDL equation will provide you with the best heart and health results.

The good news is that these tips on how to raise HDL also help lower triglyceride levels and LDL to boot. Win, win.

So, how can we help you today?

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