Immune System Discovery May Lead To New Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

by Colin Carmichael

Recent discoveries about the role of the immune system may lead to a safer string of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

That's the claim of researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The study was published in the journal Biochimie.

Will Immune System Discovery Lead To New Cholesterol Lowering Drugs?

It's possible these findings could trigger the development of new pharmaceutical alternatives to the cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins. Statins have been extremely effective at lowering blood cholesterol levels, but come with serious side effects such as liver and muscle damage as well as memory loss.

The effectiveness of statin drugs with lowering cholesterol stem from the fact that the statins help stop the production of cholesterol in the liver. Unfortunately, this also blocks a series of processes related to cholesterol which end up being detrimental to our health.

How does the immune system factor into our cholesterol production?

This study shows that the immune system plays a part in helping to regulate our cholesterol levels. It turns out that our cholesterol levels are held in check as part of the body's natural immune process that protects against viral infections.

So the theory behind this potential new type of drug goes like this…

Instead of blocking the production of cholesterol at one point in the process … like a statin drug … it would be better to slow down the process at every stage. In essence, to duplicate what the immune system does when it helps the body fend off viral infections.

One of the study researchers, Dr. Steven Watterson, says…

"Developing treatments that mimic the body’s natural methods of managing cholesterol could be more targeted and have fewer side-effects compared with conventional treatments."

[See the entire release from the University of Edinburgh here.]

Here's a thought…

Instead of concocting a new drug that will mimic natural body responses, why not … dare I even suggest this … give the body natural substances and allow the body to enter into these natural reactions in a natural way?

After all, that will always be the safest, most body-friendly way.

I'm encouraged by the fact that researchers are looking into safer alternatives to the deadly dangerous statin drugs.

But let's not ignore the safest and most obvious choice … the natural one.

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