Is There An Increased Cancer Risk with Vytorin?

by Colin Carmichael

A few weeks ago, I started getting emails asking about the latest news reports linking Vytorin with cancer. Today, I started going through some of the stuff on my desk to do a little research on it and then it struck me…

I didn’t care if Vytorin caused cancer or not.

Well, I better re-phrase that.

I DO care if thousands of unsuspecting good people starting developing cancer because they’re taking Vytorin. That bothers me and I DO care about that.

What I mean is this…

Whether or not Vytorin causes cancer – it’s not going to change my opinion of it.

You see, all the other side effects, risks, and long term consequences of using that drug are more than enough for me to not want to even touch it – let alone swallow it – or recommend it to anyone I care about.

Kidney damage, weakened liver, memory loss, on and on … that’s enough to stay away from any cholesterol-lowering drug.

The fact that it may increase cancer risk doesn’t really make me think it’s more dangerous than I did yesterday.

On the other hand, if I thought the reports were bogus, I wouldn’t have any new found respect for Vytorin either.

See where I’m coming from?

So that got me to thinking. There’s probably a lot of other people out there who don’t see it the same way. After all, I did get quite a few emails on this subject.

So here’s what I’m wondering…

How do you feel about Vytorin’s link to cancer?

Is it just another nail in the coffin keeping you away from cholesterol drugs? Or is “The Big C” finally the wake-up call or scare that gets your attention while the kidney, liver, and memory issues didn’t have the same impact for you?

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