Lipitor Side Effects in Women

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Millions each year are prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to help reduce cholesterol levels and (in theory) reduce their risk for heart disease.

However, the consequences that can occur from using Lipitor (atorvastatin is the generic drug term) and other statin drugs are serious and not a list to be taken lightly.

Muscle pain, joint pain, memory loss, and even kidney and liver damage are included in the long list of Lipitor side effects for both men and women.

Lipitor Side Effects in Women

One side effect that appears more unique to women taking Lipitor is an increased risk of diabetes.

Atorvastatin use has been linked in several studies to a higher incidence of diabetes in women, especially those over 45.

The Harvard Medical School followed over 150,000 postmenopausal women who enrolled in a health study in the 1990's.

In 2005 the researchers discovered that women taking statin drugs were 56% more likely to have developed diabetes compared to the women who had never been on cholesterol-lowering medication.

One thing to note here is that this was merely an observational study. So while an association between statin use in women and risk of diabetes was present, by no means does it prove that the statins were the cause of the diabetes.

What is concerning is that there have been multiple other studies and research that also show a relationship between statin use and increase diabetes risk in women.

So as of now, no smoking gun piece of research has proven a direct causal relationship. But there is a growing mound of anecdotal evidence that strongly suggests this might be the case.

Lipitor and Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Lipitor has been know to cause erectile dysfunction in men and may cause sexual issues in women as well.

To see how this can easily happen, a quick review of two key points…

1) Statin drugs like Lipitor block production of cholesterol in the liver.

2) Cholesterol is a precursor to hormone production, including key sex hormones.

So it only makes sense that statin drugs may inhibit the production of sex hormones that lead directly to a decrease in sex drive or other sexual issues.

Another Troubling Aspect with Women and Lipitor Use

It has been widely popularized that statins like atorvastatin have the ability to reduce coronary events and extend the patients life.

But for women who do not have pre-existing heart conditions, this doesn't appear to be true.

In fact, many of the top researchers in the field like Dr. Beatrice Golomb believe there is no evidence to support the notion that statins extend life for women. This is especially true for otherwise healthy women, who simply have high cholesterol levels.

Golomb will tell you that any amount of deaths in women that have been reduced because of statin use have been offset from deaths coming from other drug-related causes.

The Lipitor side effects in women are serious enough. Combine that with no evidence supporting significant benefits to women, and it's another reason to tackle your cholesterol problem naturally to avoid a lot of unnecessary risks and complications.

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