Low Cholesterol Diet Plan – Will your diet even make a difference?

by Colin Carmichael

Low Cholesterol Diet Plan

low cholesterol diet

Wondering if a low cholesterol diet plan will really make a difference or not?

If not, you should be!

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your doctor informs you that you have high cholesterol and that it needs to come down. And soon.

He gives you some tips on high cholesterol foods to avoid and sprinkles in a few low cholesterol foods you should eat more of. He tells you to come back in 3 months for a new blood test to see how you’re doing.

On your way out the door he casually mentions to get more exercise and cholesterol will go down, but you’ve heard the spiel about exercising so many times that it almost doesn’t even register.

You know you should exercise more, but how do you find the time with your life as busy as it is?

You instantly feel overwhelmed.

Thoughts dance around your head, like…

"Should I join a program like Weight Watchers? Or should I tackle this on my own?"

At first, you're kinda excited about the challenge.

You watch more shows on the Food Network than ever before. Looking for as many tasty, low cholesterol recipes as you can get your hands on.

Yet sadly, your food enjoyment is at an all-time low during these 3 months as you force down foods from a variety of low cholesterol cookbooks.

You stay away from some of your favorite foods, which makes you feel deprived. Frustrated.

But hey, it’s for a good cause, right?

Then the day of the new blood test finally arrives and you’re a nervous wreck.

Now, your stress and cholesterol are both higher than they should be. You keep telling yourself, “I HAVE to pass this test!”.

But you don’t come close to getting the numbers you and your doctor want.

What happened? What went wrong?

Believe it or not, this happens all the time.

Every week, thousands of people try really hard to reduce cholesterol & triglycerides by eating from a low cholesterol food list … and still fall miserably short.


Because the typical low cholesterol diet plan from doctors or even the American Heart Association … doesn't work very well. Never has. Never will.

So, how can we help you today?

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