Need Another Reason to Lower LDL Cholesterol Without Drugs?

by Colin Carmichael

Would you like yet another reason to try and lower ldl cholesterol without drugs?

For years now, it's been common knowledge that cholesterol-lowering drugs are directly responsible for a long list of side effects and health risks.

And we're not talking about inconsequential reactions like dry mouth or difficulty sleeping.


We're talking about some nasty mojo like…

  • liver damage
  • memory loss
  • kidney problems

… and that's just to name a few.

Now a study reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine warns us to be careful with cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The research – which studied thousands of middle-aged and older females for a period of 7 years – found that those taking these meds were (get this) 50% more likely to get diabetes.

Think that was an aberration?

Well, another study done with 150,000 women with ages ranging from 50-70+ had almost identical conclusions.

Diabetes was 48% more likely to develop in these ladies compared to those not taking the medication.

While I don't recall seeing this strong of a connection between these drugs and diabetes before … it doesn't surprise me.

As I've said for years … most drugs, and especially cholesterol drugs … get your body out-of-balance.

Yes, they do a decent job at lowering your cholesterol numbers.

But at what price?

Wouldn't you rather learn how to lower cholesterol without medication and not worry about all these side effects and risks?

So, how can we help you today?

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