Lower Triglycerides Naturally – Top 7 Ways to Reduce Triglycerides

Wondering how to lower triglycerides naturally to reduce your risk of heart disease?

That's wise thinking on your part.

I think it's always a good idea to lower lipids naturally to avoid taking drugs unnecessarily.

Let's dig into some tips and advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Why Lowering Triglycerides is Important

Triglycerides are a form of fat which means this:

You need some to be healthy, but too much of it floating around in your bloodstream quickly becomes a problem.

That's why high triglyceride levels have been shown to put you at an increased risk for heart attack or stroke.

Top 7 Ways to Lower Those Triglyceride Levels

  • 1) Cut back on the sugar. The American Heart Association has gone on record as recommending that only around 5% of your calories should come from added sugars. Most Americans shatter this barrier every day.

    They're not just talking about cookies, cakes, and donuts here. This includes fructose as well. (You might be surprised how many foods you eat have fructose in it.)

    2) Eat more high fiber foods. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables will go a long way to helping your body get a lot of numbers back in line.

    Want some good news? Not all fiber-rich foods taste like cardboard or sawdust.

    3) Avoid fad diets. This includes avoiding low-fat diets. Many are surprised to learn that a very low fat diet is typically shown to be counter-productive at lowering triglycerides and cholesterol.

    Moderate amounts of fat are perfectly fine – provided they are healthy fats. (No trans fats allowed. Period. Got it?)

    4) Healthy fats are healthy. I'm piggy-backing on the tip before, but it deserves another mention. Yes, healthy fats really are good for you and can help regulate your triglycerides. (Sounds counter-intuitive at first, I know. But it's true.)

    5) Get more omega-3 fatty acids. Many people don't get anywhere near enough Omega-3's because they think they have to eat salmon, sardines, or trout to get these valuable fatty acids.

    Turns out there are some tasty, sneaky ways to add plenty of heart friendly Omega-3s. (See a variety of these different ways by clicking here.)

    Or you can start using a high-quality Omega 3 fish oil or krill oil supplement.

    6) More exercise. It's true that the more exercise you do, the better results you'll probably see. But don't let that intimidate you into doing nothing. Start slow. Any progress is good progress!

    7) Reduce alcohol intake. Studies suggest that some people are hyper-sensitive to alcohol and the effect it has on their triglyceride levels. What is not too much for your neighbor may be way too much for you. Experiment with limiting your alcohol and monitor your progress.

You may have noticed that I didn't include weight loss as one of the top ways to lower triglycerides without medication.

Yes, losing weight can – and usually does – help with lowering triglycerides naturally.

But as you may already know … you can be thin and still have high triglyceride levels. So while losing weight may be a good goal – it's not a foolproof way to get your triglyceride numbers in line.

If you want to lower triglycerides fast, the biggest key is to identify what it is from the above list that most likely has caused high triglycerides to form in your blood.

I'm guessing that at least one or two of the factors above gave you an "Aha" moment, am I right?

Start taking care of those worst offenders and you're well on your way.

Still not motivated to act on this information?

What if I told you these steps will do a whole lot more than just help regulate your triglycerides?

Other benefits include:

  • Cleaner arteries
  • Better mental clarity
  • More physical energy
  • Lower cholesterol naturally
  • Regulate blood sugar (regardless of whether you have Type II diabetes)

It shouldn't surprise you that proper nutrition and a good lower triglycerides diet will help your body in a variety of ways – no matter how high your lipid levels are right now.

Once you follow these steps to help lower triglycerides naturally, you can feel good that you've helped reduce your risk of stroke or maybe prevent a heart attack – all without using drugs or experiencing any harmful side effects.

So, how can we help you today?

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