Nutrient Spiked Foods

by Colin Carmichael

Please, PLEASE tell me you're not getting sucked into the marketing tricks of the food companies these days…

Consumers Devour Nutrient Spiked Foods & Drinks

It's sad to see what they're doing and to see that it's working so well means the trend is only going to continue to get worse.

My wife and kids and I were in the living room a few days ago, and the TV was on … and as we were talking I heard something along the lines of being healthy and lots of nutrients … and of course my ears perked up.

And I looked up on the screen to see the boxes of 4 sugary kids cereals including Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs.

I was quite frankly, appalled.

Apparently, I'm not the only one as this article from 2005 calls out General Mills.

Anyway, I didn't mean to bring you down with all this stuff, but I sure wanted to make you aware of what a big scam this all is.

There's no such thing as a healthy breakfast that includes Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs. (Sorry General Mills.)

But make no mistake, this isn't just confined to cereals.

Last night I saw a commercial for Cherry 7UP Antioxidant.

Here's what I found at their website today…

Cherry 7UP Antioxidant

In the mood for a healthy boost with great taste?

With Cherry 7UP Antioxidant you get 100% natural flavors and a splash of antioxidant to help you through your day!

Cherry 7UP Antioxidant is a delicious way to cherry pick your antioxidant!


I just know that thousands – maybe millions of Americans – will start drinking this believing that their are helping their immune system. (Hint: It's not!)

I have a friend who was chowing down on one of those fruit gummy snacks a while back. I cracked a joke about his choice of foods and he responded with, "Hey, it's got fruit juice in it!"

And he was serious. He actually thought that snack was one of his "healthy food choices"!

Are you 'eating right' based on reality? Or based on what the food producers want you to believe?

So, how can we help you today?

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