Should You Really Be Reducing So Much Fat?

So, I'm guessing there's somewhere around 20 million articles online that preach the importance of reducing your fat intake to lower cholesterol and reduce your heart risk.

Every major health website says so. The American Heart Association says so. Your doctor has probably told you this too.

It's become "cholesterol gospel".

The problem?

It's not necessarily a good idea for you.

Now, don't get me wrong here. You absolutely want to reduce bad, harmful fats. You should have a goal to completely eliminate trans fats from your diet altogether.

But getting rid of trans fats is far different from reducing any and all fat.

You see, eliminating ALL fat from your diet is a horrible idea. Deadly in fact. (More on why in just a second…)

So what happens when we hear the same advice over and over again? We start to buy into it, especially if it makes intuitive sense to us.

We think: "I want to lose fat, so I need to eat less fat."

It makes too much sense not to be accurate, right? But yet, that's not how the body works.

The result?

We as consumers go out and fill our shopping carts with "low fat", "reduced fat", and "no fat" versions of our favorite foods and we think we're doing something healthy. We're not! (Side note: There's more to the story when it comes to the whole "scam" of low-fat and reduced-fat foods, and it goes beyond the scope of this article.)

In fact, if you've made a conscious effort to reduce your fat intake and have felt physically groggy and mentally foggy since doing so … my friend, that's not a coincidence.

And I'm betting it didn't do diddly for your cholesterol either, right?

If you learn one thing today, let it be this…

You'll never achieve optimal health and look & feel great with most low-fat diets.

If you've already tried one of those low-fat, low-cholesterol diets you know exactly what I mean, don't you?

How did you feel on those diets?

Energetic and ready to tackle life head-on?

Or were you like most … tired and lethargic and mentally cloudy all day?

And even though this may sound counter-intuitive to you … you'll have a really hard time (some find it nearly impossible) getting healthy cholesterol levels on a low-fat diet as well.

Thankfully, more and more are exposing the truth when it comes to the low-fat diet myth.

Low fat diet quote

I understand that may sound counter-intuitive at first. But the research is crystal clear on this: We need healthy fats to survive and thrive.

This list only scratches the surface of why you need good, healthy fats in your diet…

  • Fats provide physical energy
  • Fats provide mental clarity (your brain needs fat to function properly)
  • Fats help form a protective cushion for your internal organs
  • Fats build healthy cells and hormones
  • Fats help your body use vitamins to promote healthy hair and skin

Here's what's adding to the confusion and frustration…

Many of the fats that are being touted by doctors and so-called health experts as "healthy choices" are in fact some of the worst substances you could put in your body … especially if you want healthy cholesterol levels and avoid an unnecessary heart attack.

Wouldn't it be great to eat scrumptious, tasty foods and still be "good" to your heart and arteries at the same time?

Today, you can take my "Crunch Cholesterol" e-book on a risk-free test drive for only $4.95 and discover the truth on which fats to avoid and which fats will revitalize your health, energy, and appearance.

All the best…
Colin Carmichael

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